Address Bar by Miguel

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4 Awesome Screencast

3 Cool Screencast

2 O.K. Screencast

1 Re-do Screencast

Introduction to Screencast
-Purpose of screencast clearly & creatively stated
-Draws the audience in with compelling questions or exciting hook.
-Screencaster(s) introduced clearly & creatively

-Purpose of screencast is clearly stated
-Appeals to audience with a question or hook.
-Introduces screencaster

-Purpose of screencast stated (but unclear)
-Lacks appeal or relevance for audience.
-Name stated, but not clear

-Revise script to include the purpose of screencast
-Revise script to appear more interesting or relevant to audience.
-Make sure to include screencaster introduction

Ideas relating to the Term
-All information is accurate and sources are cited
-All information is on-topic & presented in a logical order
-Includes more than 2 main ideas that describe the term
-Includes 2 or more applications of this term

-All information is accurate
-All information is on-topic & presented in a logical order
-Includes at least 2 main ideas that describe the term
-Includes at least 1 application of this term

-Some ideas are inaccurate
-Some ideas are out of order
-Includes only 1 main idea
-Application of term is incomplete or doesn’t make sense

-Re-write script after researching accurate information
-Re-order ideas to make sure the order makes sense
-Revise to include a main idea that clearly describes the term.
-Revise script to include an application of the term

Visual Quality
-Student finds creative ways to show or demonstrate the term on screen.
-Every movement on screen has a purpose that supports the description of the term.
-Some accidental or unrelated movements on-screen.

-Re-record screencast with movements or actions that support the term.
Audio Quality
-Extremely well-rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style
-Voice is clear, expressive, and enthusiastic
-Voice volume enhances presentation.
-Free of background noise, fumble sounds or dead space

-Well-rehearsed & almost always smooth delivery
-Voice is clear and expressive
-Voice volume fits presentation
-Some extra noise or dead space that does not interfere with meaning.

-Adequate rehearsal, but sometimes mechanical
-Some parts of the audio need to be re-recorded to increase clarity or expression
-Too noisy in background
-Try re-recording in a quieter room or use a different microphone.

-Practice your presentation until it doesn’t sound like you are reading
-Make sure your voice sounds expressive & rhythmic
-Speed up or slow down
-Re-record your screencast in a quiet room, without any long pauses or “ums.”

Use of Technology
-Screencast length keeps the audience interested & engaged.
-Screencast length is just right (not too long, not too short)
-Screencast length is adequate.
-Rehearse some more. Cut down or add on to best use screencast technology.
-All spoken sentences are grammatically correct.
-No slang or short-hand.

-Some errors in grammar.
-Some slang or short-hand.

-3 or 4 grammatical errors
-Grammar or slang interfere with viewers’ comprehension of the term.

-Need to edit out 5 or more grammatical errors
-Re-record to ensure speech is clear and comprehensible.