Great Websites!

that will help you with homework, studying for tests, or extra practice with skills!

Reading & Just-Right Books

The Learning Toolbox Learn to take notes and study for tests.
Lexile Make a book list of books at your level! (You may have to go here to figure out your lexile level.)
Oakland Public Library
The Idiom Site
Free Books to read online!

Reading Online

Tumble Books Select a book to read online from the Tumble Books Library. Complete a (pdf).
Big UniverseSearch for books to read online by grade, reading level, age, or subject. You may also create your own books here.

Writing Conventions & Grammar

Grammar Ninja!
Download Tux Typing! (Ask your parents for permission)
Daily English Activities

Math Websites

Math Moves You
Math in the Real World
Ghost Blaster Factor Shoot-out
Basic Skills Worksheets (Note that they DON'T do division with decimals - remainders only)
Math Skills Practice (+, -, X, /, fractions, percents, you name it!)
Download TuxMath! (Ask your parents for permission)
Math Cast a video made by students about fractions!
Mr. Nussbaum's EZ Fractions
Mr. Nussbaum - Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop


100 Best Homework Help Sites