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40% of High School Students still reading at a 4th grade level drop out.
Reading Ability is one of the leading indicators of school success. What will you do to help accelerate your child's reading?
1. Make sure they read every night for at least 30 minutes! (more is better)
2. Read with them! Read out loud to them! Listen to them read to you!
3. Ask them lots of questions (preguntas) about their reading!

4. Help them find fun and exciting books to read at their independent reading level!

5. Is reading time a battle at home? Try some of these suggestions from Monarch Families!external image moz-screenshot-6.png

Here are some resources to help you support your children with reading at home!

Just-Right Books

Reading Level Chart (Watch this screencast to see how to use the chart!)
Make a Custom Book List! (Watch this screencast to learn how to use this amazing tool!)
Book Adventure (Take quizzes on books you've read and earn prizes!)

Focus on Comprehension

Questions for Reading
Preguntas Para la Lectura

Supporting Reading at Home

These are notes from a discussion about what is working for parents.
Family members offered suggestions for ways to support their children's reading at home.
If you are struggling to get your child to read, look through this list for ideas!
Notes from Family Reading Night